Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Road to the Golden Globes Part III

After I  completed 100 necklaces for the SWAG bags, it was time to create a necklace that will be on display in the GBK Gifting Suite.  Hmm, I knew that I had to choose a representation of my brand and  a creation  that was versatile for any wardrobe. Hmmm, it also had to be bright and vibrant and easy to photograph. YESSSSS, it came to me....a dichroic glass Tree of Life pendant adorned with handmade glass beads. 
As my hands were quite fatigued from creating 100 engraved Tree of Life pendants, I decided to etch my design with acid instead which for me, is a simpler process. The glass was fused and  refined and the pendant was complete.  I then hung it  from leather cord and attached my handmade beads to the  cord!  DONE....I thought, but not quite!  The most important aspect, the presentation was not complete!

I searched for weeks for the exact presentation that would "showcase" my brightly colored Tree of Life necklace, represent my brand, and not compete with my creation.  Also, it had to represent my style, "Artsy, yet sophisticated" and  be a subtle but interesting addition.  FOUND IT!!!! 

I am thrilled that I was able to choose a necklace that represented who I am as an artist and a display that truly conveys my brand!  Until the next time...I will be "cookin' with glass."


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Road to the Golden Globes Part II

Each pendant was made by creating a sandwich of 3 layers of glass.  An opaque on the bottom, dichroic the middle and clear on the top.  The tree image was then engraved onto the dichroic layer. Each layer was cut  with a hand glass cutter and refined with a glass grinder. 


It was then placed in a kiln and fired at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit for 2.5 hours in order to fuse the three layers together.  It took 6 hours to cool.  Lots of time for wine while waiting!

Ah the reveal!!!


Not done yet....The pendant is refined again with a glass grinder and then re-fired!   Ah, now it is time for coffee.

Finally, the pendant is signed and the bails are affixed.  YESSS! The final product!